Importance of Body Language in an Interview


Nowadays is an era of competition and talent. But it has been seen many times that even a talented person is not able to demonstrate his/her ability properly and due to this, many times he/she is still qualified and gets out in the interview. Let’s see the importance of body language in an interview. While … Read more

Avoid Insomnia | Have a stress-free good sleep


Avoid Insomnia The precious things that modern lifestyle has denied us include the sleep of the eyes. According to experts, the insomnia is growing rapidly due to the modern lifestyle that has arisen due to career-related competition, job pressures, money spree, tension, night clubs, parties, television, and movies. Children and youth are also vulnerable to … Read more

How to choose a career? Scope of work


Scope of Work Everyone wants to be successful in life, but everyone’s interests and scope vary. Anyone has acquired any job according to his interest, but it is a well-known fact that 75 percent of working people around the world are not happy with their current job. This makes choosing a career the most important … Read more

Understand 5 Phases of Success


Is there any way a person can be consistently successful? What are the things in which any person can continuously achieve so much success that to become successful becomes a habit? Yes! Such a method exists that you can become successful and make a habit of being successful not only once but thousands of times. … Read more

How to increase willpower with self-talk?


On September 22, 1862, at the time Abraham Lincoln prepared his Declaration of Independence, he wrote a pledge in his diary that ‘I pledge before God that I shall live by declaring liberty.’ And he declared independence. He had great willpower. In this article, we will discuss “How to increase willpower with self-talk?” Therefore, it … Read more

Success vs Failure – difference between a successful and a failed person.


Success and failure are virtually inevitable events happening in every person’s life. There is no person who has never tasted failure. Everyone who appears successful at present has succeeded after failing many times. Most people welcome success and despise failure. They forget that failure and success are two aspects of the coin of life. In … Read more

Reasons for failure | Why do we fail?


Why do we fail? What are the reasons for failure? People of different thinking give different answers to these questions. The fatalist blames lucklessness for his success. A person of weak determination accepts various types of circumstances as responsible. Whereas the determined person considers himself responsible for his success. Normally, human tendency is not habitual … Read more

Self-Motivation | How to motivate yourself?


Motivate yourself, Inspire yourself How much a self-motivation is necessary? Every person has certain desires in life. Individuals also try to fulfill them, but most people, after a little effort, sit idle. They are unable to continue their efforts so that they do not succeed in achieving the goal of fulfilling their desires. Have you … Read more

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