Weaknesses Job Interview | What are your Weaknesses – Examples Answers

how to tell your weaknesses job interview

Weaknesses Job Interview: In regards to interview queries, the classic “What would be your biggest strengths?” It is a softball. It is an invitation to shine a spotlight with the abilities and experiences which make you a fantastic match for the occupation. The curveball comes when you are asked about flaws at a job interview. … Read more

Importance of Listening Skills | Effective Listening

what is listening listening

What is Listening? Listening is the ability to correctly receive and interpret messages from the communication procedure. Listening is vital to all successful communication. Without being able to listen effectively, messages may be misunderstood. Because of this, communication breaks down and the sender of this message could quickly become irritated or frustrated. Here the Importance … Read more

How to increase the Power of Observation? Extremely Important Skill

how to increase power of observation

Every person has observation skill but we don’t know the power of observation. It increases your awareness and makes you smart. It also enhances your analytical performances and improves your personal relations. Observation is a very important life skill. Every successful person has a great observation power. A professor’s idea to focus on the power … Read more

NeuraLink Technology of Elon Musk – Starting of a New Future

neuralink technique elon musk

A new name in the list of new science experiments by the founder of revolutionary projects like Paypal, Space-X and Tesla Motors is – NeuraLink Technology, which is going to prove to be a milestone in the history of mankind. You must have heard the name of Elon Musk. If there can be any sign … Read more

How to write a powerful motivational speech?


A motivational speech persuades the listeners to take up a particular cause or follow a course of action. Whichever the subject, it is important to have inspirational messages that will capture the hearts and minds of the audience you are targeting. Let’s learn how to write a motivational speech. There is one aim and that is to make … Read more

Subconscious Mind – Solution of your problems


In Psychology, the human mind is divided into different parts. Mainly the mind is seen as two parts – Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. In this article, we will know how we can improve our life by using our subconscious mind properly. This article is related to the book ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’, … Read more

Team Building – Characteristics of a Great Team


Friends, we all know, TEAMWORK is very important for success, but preparing a successful TEAM is not just about everyone. Team Building is not an easy task. Creating a successful team is an art. The stick alone can be broken easily, but when these sticks are bundled together, it is very difficult to break them. … Read more